How A Tiny Pinch Of Cosmetic Dentistry Redefines The Outlook And Confidence Of A Person

This female patient came to Facets dental  reception, in Kochi Kerala, very shy and unconfined. As she narrated her issue to us concerning her smile on her wedding day, we realized it was time she was informed of the magic of cosmetic touch up in dentistry, which will literally transform her problem into a blessing. Armed with our professional group of doctors, combined with our core belief that every human being deserves to have his/her feelings honored, it was finalized with her consent that she needed firstly, a laser gum depigmentation procedure for her gums which will consequently eliminate her problem of dark gums when smiling. Secondly, sculpting/shaping her gingiva for correcting the uneven gum line and finally, brightening her teeth 2 shades to match her natural gum color. Post treatment, after the anxious wait, we happily asked her to view her reflection. "I was totally ecstatic when I saw my reflection which is making me blush totally" was the exact words she excl…

Responsible Dentistry- Philosophical Dialogues On Quality!

Responsible Dentistry- A new terminology as well as a broader concept of Quality Dental Practice -designed primarily to enhance the well being of dental patients along with maximizing dentist’s Personal and Professional satisfaction by minimizing the negative Personal, Professional, Clinical, Economic, Environmental, Legal, and Ethical Impacts. 
Who Is A Quality Dentist? Responsible Human being-with different roles in his/her personal settings or Family life.Responsible Citizen-Duties towards the Country/Public/NatureResponsible Dentist- duties towards his/her PatientsResponsible Professional- Professionalism towards his colleagues.

Define -being Responsible! Being Responsible!! Is It The Willingness To Act Responsibly? Being Responsible for self-errors. (Principal of Human factors)Being Responsible towards Society & PublicBeing Responsible towards ProfessionBeing Responsible towards Nature

Personally Responsible Dentist Protect own Patients , own Family, Colleagues, Profession, Public …